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Updated: 16th October 2016

Additional Features for your Stock ECU:

EvoX      ECU ROM Software Mods
TephraModXv3 for EvoX $100USD


Evo7/8/9     ECU ROM Software Mods  
Download here:


Evo5/6       ECU ROM Software Mods   **geekmapped is gone** sorry.

Modding Performance Cars for Dummies

Youtube Ecuflash guide.

HOWTO Guides on ECU REFLASHING (EvoScan Tech Info Section - Understanding EFI Systems)

Using Speed Density Mod

Basic Reflashing guide with ECUFlash

Step1: Read your existing rom from the vehicle into ecuflash using an EvoScan OpenPort 1.3U USB cable.  Keep a backup of this original rom file if you want to go back to original settings later.
Step2: Download and open a MOD ROM from the list below. and copy your existing fuel, timing, and MAF scalar values into the new mod rom. 
Step3: Write (flash) this mod rom
Step4: Check your Air/Fuel Ratio is within margins using a wideband oxygen sensor via EvoScan Standalone Display, or EvoScan windows (laptop) software.

Extra features you can get out of your Stock ECU using a modified (MOD) rom.

420A Eclipse/
Eagle Talon
Evo 7/8
Evo 9
Evo 10
FREE for Personal USE EvoScan_Yes EvoScan_Yes EvoScan_Yes EvoScan_Yes
Donation + Priority Help & Support jdm evo8 mr rom
9626 requires
donation to Tephra.
Ralliart 9055
donation to Tephra.
Other Tephra v7
other roms free
rom 8858 requires
donation to Tephra.
Other Tephra v7
roms free
per each vehicle
tuned with this rom.
Knock Check Engine Light EvoScan_Yes EvoScan_Yes EvoScan_Yes EvoScan_Yes
Live Tuning EvoScan_Yes EvoScan_Yes EvoScan_Yes EvoScan_Yes
Speed Density EvoScan_Yes EvoScan_Yes EvoScan_Yes EvoScan_Yes
FREE for Commerical/Tuner USE EvoScan_Yes EvoScan_Yes EvoScan_Yes
Help and Support EvoScan_Yes EvoScan_Yes EvoScan_Yes EvoScan_Yes

and  Versioning to ROM ID. IE: 88590015 becomes 88592015 (Makes XML changes MUCH easier)
  • 0 = MAF
  • 1 = Speed Density
  • 2 = DMA (Live Map) + MAF
  • 3 = DMA (Live Map) + Speed Density
  • 6 = DMA (Live Map) + Speed Density

• No Lift to Shift 
KnockCEL As per it's name this mod will flash the Check Engine Light (CEL/MIL/SES) when the ECU see's knock
AltMaps  - alternate between two sets of fuel/timing/boost ecu maps by a switch available to the Driver.

TephraXMOD V1

Load Required for CEL on Knock - This is the minimum load that will enable the KnockCEL, ie knock under these load levels will be ignored.
KnockSum Required for Slow CEL (Low Knock) - This is the minimum knocksum that will enable cause the CEL to flash slowly
KnockSum Required for Fast CEL (High Knock) - This is the minimum knocksum that will enable cause the CEL to flash fast
Knock CEL Flash time - This is how long the CEL will keep flashing AFTER the load + knocksum conditions have passed.

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