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After purchasing the EvoScan software, your paypal account will notify the EvoScan website once the order has been paid, then you will be automatically be sent an email containing your EvoScan Serial Number and Software download link.

You can also download EvoScan software from here.

Lost your EvoScan Serial Number

You can recover it here:

Old EvoScan Registered Users
If you bought EvoScan before the new website was created, and you have not yet created a username and password for the website, you can create one here ensure you use the paypal email address you used to originally pay for EvoScan, you can always change your email address afterwards if you like. (see "Updating your Email Address" option below.)

You will then automatically be granted access to download EvoScan from here

Lost your Username or Lost your Password
An email containing your username and token will be sent to your registered email address.
After you click the link in the received email, ensure you enter the correct username and correct token that comes along with the email, the username must be accurate when you enter the token.

Updating your Email Address or Changing your Password
If you would like to update your email address or password after you have registered and logged in,
you can do this here:

Forgotten Registered Email Address
If you have forgotten the email address you used to register with, please log a support call with one or more of the following:
• Your EvoScan Order #
• Your paypal transaction id
• Your paypal email address
• Approximately the Month and Year you purchased EvoScan software.
Without the above I will not be able to track your order and won't be able to help you find the email address you registered with.. thanks.

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