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Does your EvoX not start after a failed reflash?

Did you flash a corrupt rom to your ECU?

Does your FANS still run after a reflash when you turn the key on?
and the ecu now won't reflash?

Some people call this a "bricked" ECU.  
YES, you can "recover" your ecu to a working state again.

Do you get this message when trying to do a reflash?
[23:15:42.343] J2534 API Version: 04.04
[23:15:42.343] J2534 DLL Version: 1.00.3017 Apr 8 2010 14:16:53
[23:15:42.343] Device Firmware Version: 1.10.3038
[23:15:44.000] sending init sequence 1 (0001)
[23:15:47.218] sending init sequence 1 (0003)
[23:15:50.437] sending init sequence 1 (FFFF)
[23:15:53.140] no response to any known code
[23:15:53.140] interface close

This is sometimes a sympton of a faulty cable also. But not very often. (about 1% chance of a faulty cable)
Try your cable on another mitsubishi just to be sure the cable is good.
Mitsubishi Dealer tools require minimum 9.7 - 9.8 volts for reflashing, I would highly recommend a minimum of 10.5-11.0 volts.  Normal voltage on most EvoX during reflash is between 11.9 and 12.2 volts.

UPDATE 24 JULY 2014 NEW METHOD without bench flash
You do not even need to bench reflash the EvoX ecu anymore to recover it...
Originally Posted by Matt
if it fails during a write I leave the car on. remove usb cable shutdown ecuflash replug in usb restart ecuflash , go to options use alt flash mode. try to reflash it but it fails everytime . I then go back in to normal flash mode try to reflash it. So far it has worked about 8 times.


STEP 1: You need to pop your hood of the car, and remove your ecu, and wire the ecu direct to your op2 cable.

Connect EvoScan OpenPort 2.0 USB Cable and Power Supply to EVOX ECU PINs:
Figure 1. EvoX ECU pinouts, looking straight-on at the pins on the ECU when its out of the car.

Figure 2. EvoScan OpenPort 2.0 USB Cable pinouts, looking straight-on at the pins on the Cable when its out of the car.

Connect the EvoX ECU to OpenPort 2.0 and Power Supply using the following wires:

EvoX ECU Pin OpenPort 2.0 Cable 12v-15v Power Supply
(use a Laptop Power
supply if you like,
check the voltage)
pin 71 pin 4 and/or pin 5 Negative/Ground (-) Vehicle Chassis / Battery Terminal (-)
pin 104
pin 16
12v Power Supply (+) Battery Backup (Direct 12v from 7.5A fuse #2)
pin 82 pin 16 12v Power Supply (+) Power Supply (comes from MFI Relay via 20A Fuse #22)
MFI Relay switched on by ecu (via pin 73)
pin 92
pin 16 12v Power Supply (+) Ignition Switch (comes from IG1 Relay via 7.5A Fuse #12)
IG1 switched on by key switch.
pin 103 pin 12
Reflash Init. Voltage from pin 12 on the OpenPort 2.0 cable.
pin 103 from the ecu actually comes through to pin 8 on the OBDII vehicle connector.
pin 80 pin 7
K Line Data (used for recovery mode ecuflashing)
pin 80 from the ecu actually comes through to pin 7 on the OBDII vehicle connector.
pin 90
pin 6

CAN Bus (optional only used for normal mode ecuflashing, you can put the ecu back in the car to do the normal reflash part of the process)
pin 91
pin 14
(OBDII 14)

CAN Bus (optional only used for normal mode ecuflashing, you can put the ecu back in the car to do the normal reflash part of the process)

a) Open ECUFlash
b) Load your last known good rom file.  (try not to use the rom file you used during the failed flash, because it maybe corrupt.)
c) goto Files->Options

d) Select "Flash Recovery Mode"   and tick the box "Use alternative flash recovery mode"  

e) Ensure your OpenPort 2.0 cable is connected and the EcuFlash status bar shows "RECOVERY MODE"
OpenPort 2.0 EvoX Recovery Mode

f) Press "Write to ECU" as you normally would...   If successful, recovery mode will start writing to ECU like this.
If it doesn't, go back and check all your wiring again.
EvoX Recover Reflash Mode

Recovery Reflash completed...
EvoX Recover Flash Success
g) Unplug all your bench wires from the ecu and go and put it back in the car. Plug in your openport 2.0 cable to the car and laptop.

h) Turn EvoX Key to ON position  (yes you will probably hear the Fans strangely running still.)

i) go back to the EcuFlash software menu: File->Options->Flash Recovery Mode  and untick "Use alternate Flash recovery mode"
EvoX Recovery Mode Off

j) Reflash your last known good ROM to the ecu.

k) once the reflash is successful, turn the key OFF, then back ON and start your car!!!!   SUCCESS.

If you have any tips on making this process easier for other users, log a support call and let me know so that I can update this tutorial.
Thanks, Hamish.

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