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1995/96 Mitsubishi DSM Vehicle EvoScan Support

1st download EvoScan v2.5 from here

You can right click (Ctrl-E)  the dataitems list in EvoScan and build your own list of engine parameters you want to start datalogging for DSM...
(or if you are good at editing xml files or learning by example, you can edit the xml settings file directly in C:\Program Files (x86)\EvoScan\EvoScan v2.5\DataSettings\Data.xml  or C:\Program Files\EvoScan\EvoScan v2.5\DataSettings\Data.xml )

Eval Function Unit
Accel Enrichment 1D 100x / 255 %
Coolant Temp 07 -1.45x + 308 deg F
Engine Speed 21 31.25x rpm
Fuel Trim High 0E 0.78x %
Fuel Trim Low 0C 0.78x %
Fuel Trim Middle 0D 0.78x %
Injector Pulse Width 29 0.256*x ms
Oxygen Feedback Trim 0F 0.78*x %
Oxygen Sensor 13 0.0195*x V
Throttle Position 17 100*x/255 %
Air Flow Hz 1A 6.29*x Hz
Air Temperature 3A -1.69*x+358 deg F
Air Volume 2C x 0-255
Barometer 15 0.00486*x bar
ISC Steps 16 x count
Knock Sum 26 x count
Timing Advance 06 x-10 deg
Battery 14 0.0733*x V
EGR Temperature 12 -2.7*x+597.7 deg F
TDC 02 x bit 4 on/off
Power Steering 02 x bit 8 on/off
AC Switch 02 x bit 16 on/off
Park/Neutral 02 x bit 32
Idle Switch 02 bit 0x80 on/off
AC Clutch 00 bit 0x20 on/off

EFI Actuators
Enter this code into the EvoScan Custom Request box after Start Datalogging is successfully connected...
F1 ?
F2 ?
F3 ?
F4 ?
F5 Canister purge
F6 Turn on fuel pump
F7 Disable injector #6
F8 Disable injector #5
F9 Disable injector #4
FA Disable injector #3
FB Disable injector #2
FC Disable injector #1

F1..F6 work with engine stopped. After ECU any of these commands it invokes corresponding relay/solenoid for about 6 seconds. After that it answers with 00. If engine is running ECU returns FF immediately.

F7..FC disable injector for about 6 seconds and return 00

Diagnostic fault codes are stored as bitmaps in two 8-bit cells.
There're two kinds: active and stored (accumulated). Custom Request CA clears fault memory.

Enter the 2 letter code below into the Custom Request box whilst datalogging is running in EvoScan...
38 (4C) Faults, low byte
39 (4D) Faults, high byte
3B (4A) Stored faults, low byte
3C (4B) Stored faults, high byte
CA Clear faults, returns 00

Bit #


1 11 Oxygen sensor
2 12 Intake air flow sensor
3 13 Intake air temperature sensor
4 14 Throttle position sensor
5 15 ISC motor position sensor
6 21 Engine coolant temperature sensor
7 22 Engine speed sensor
8 23 TDC sensor
9 24 Vehicle speed sensor
10 25 Barometric pressure sensor
11 31 Knock sensor
12 41 Injector circuit
13 42 Fuel pump relay
14 43 EGR
15 44 Ignition coil
16 36 Ignition circuit

right click the knock sum field and select edit.
try putting into the requestid field: 26
save it. that should be knock sum on your vehicle.

right click the Oxygen Sensor Voltage field and put in the requestid field: 13
and eval field put in this:   0.0195*x

1. The 1995/96 ECU's use a different address to log knock than the 1997+ ECU's, so you need to make sure that you set the address for "Knocksum" to 3E when logging a 1995 EPROM ECU. Otherwise you will just see a value that changes from 0 to 1.
Very simply, just Right-Click on the Knocksum line, click "Edit", then under "RequestID" change it to 3E, if not already. The correct address for 1997+ ECU's is 26.

2. I don't like the formula they are using for the 4 fueltrim values. Its the same old formula everyone used for 1G fueltrims, which yielded the strange 81-140 values, which don't really tell you anything. Instead, change the old formula 0.78125*x to the new formula: (x/4)-32 for all 4 fueltrims, even though 2G's don't use the HIGH TRIM. This will make the values read true percentages of fuel being added or removed by the fueltrims.

3. They have incorrectly labeled the MDP Sensor as "EGR Temperature", way down the list. The 2G's don't use an EGRT temperature probe to check the EGR operation, they use the MDP Sensor, which reads in psia. So, Right-Click on the EGR Temperature line, change the formula to x*0.07353-0.0725, change the label to MDP Sensor, the LOGReference to MDPpsia, and the units to psia. This should make the value read correctly up to ~18.7 psia, which is about 4 psi.

4. Be sure you have selected "Hybrid DSM/3000GT/Eclipse" as the protocol.

5. If you are logging a 1995 or 1996 ECU, set the BAUD RATE to 10400. If you try anything faster, the ECU will randomly disconnect and attempt to reconnect.

6. The 1995/96 protocol rides on top of the OBDII stuff, so it is VERY slow, only 7-9 samples per second. So, when logging you should only select 1-2 items at a time.

7. Here is a modified data.xml file that Ceddy and KeyDiver worked on. They removed a lot of extra junk, mainly for EVO's, but added items to log even more features. In your C:\Program Files\EvoScan\EvoScan v2.5\DataSettings\ folder you can rename your Data.xml file, to keep it as a backup, and download this file to try if you want. Right-Click, and "Save As": Data.xml file
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