Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 USB EcuFlash and EvoScan Cable

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Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 Universal USB Cable – In Stock. Datalogging and EcuFlash Reprogramming Cable. Includes Mitsubishi(x1) Connector. Subaru connectors purchased separately.

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• This OpenPort 2.0 cable Product is for all things Lancer Evo 10 (EvoX), Lancer  Ralliart, and Lancer Sportback. This cable is also for all things Evo5, Evo 6 and Evo 6.5 vehicles (including datalogging and reflashing).  For Evo7/Evo8/Evo9 see 1.3U cable below instead.

• Openport 1.3U is still the favorite cable for datalogging/reflashing Evo7, Evo8 or Evo9 because it works with more software, works with ayc and acd bleeding, works with evo7/8/9 diagnostic codes and the 1.3U is faster datalogging speeds when tested with the latest EvoScan.  also for Live Mapping/Tuning Evo7/8/9 roms, you will need an OpenPort 1.3U for this.

• Openport 1.3R is physically the same as 1.3U but just without the license that allows it to work with EcuFlash software.  Therefore to use this cable for datalogging and reflashing use the evoscan reflash dropdown menu (some people used to use 1.3R with a hacked version of ecuflash version 4799 which I don’t think you should use, not to mention that version is quite old now.)

Tactrix – OpenPort 2.0 Universal USB Cable Details

• Compatible with EvoScan SST Teach-In Calibration, for the EvoX 6 speed Dual Clutch Transmission 6DCT470.
• Compatible with CanPassThru SST TCU Reprogramming, see SST mod roms available for purchase on the EvoScan shop here.
• Compatible with EvoScan Datalogging, all EvoScan versions 2.9/3.0 or higher.
• Compatible with EcuFlash Reprogramming.
• Compatible with EvoX Bench flashing.
• Perfect Cable for Performance tuning your Evo5/6/7/8/9 yes Evo10 too! Also perfect for tuning with ecuflash your 2001+ Subaru WRX and STI vehicles. Works great with EvoScan v2.9 (only $20 with every cable purchase)
• Includes a FREE Evo5/6/6.5/7/8/9 12pin White Reflash connector (yes theres a 12pin port that you need to plug into as well when reflashing)
• SOLD SEPARATELY – OUT OF STOCK – SPECIAL ORDER ONLY – Subaru 2001-2002 Subaru WRX Reflash flash block connector (You need green connectors connected and a flash block for a 2002 WRX.)
• SOLD SEPARATELY – OUT OF STOCK – SPECIAL ORDER ONLY – Subaru 2003-2005 Subaru WRX Reflash flash block connector
• EvoX and other Mitsubishi and Subaru 2008+ Vehicles do not require any extra reflash connectors, it is reprogrammed using the J2534 CANbus pins on the 16pin OBD2 connector under the steering wheel, above your feet.
• This OpenpPort 2.0 cable comes with the Mitsubishi reflash connector as well, for Evo5 through Evo9 uses it, all 2008 onwards vehicles just reflash using only the OBD plug without any reflash connectors.

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