EvoX / Ralliart 6DCT470 SST TCU Mod Rom v3

$37 USD

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10 Evo X and Ralliart custom SST transmission SST MOD ROM is available for download. All you need is an OpenPort 2.0 cable and Windows Laptop. We provide all the software and instructions you need to flash this to your car, it is 100% flash safe, and revertible at any time. Doesn’t stuff up your existing tune, this is all separate.

• Super-Sport can be changed at any time and any speed.
• Clutch pressures increased in all modes so now you can use normal mode with sport clamping pressures.
• Launch control rpm can be turned up to any RPM.
• Super-Sport mode can be driven in Automatic mode with Normal Mode like gear shifts.

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Engine ECU Torque SST Tuning Guide PDF:

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Last Updated: 26th March 2024

2008+ Mitsubishi Lancer EvoX/Evo10/MR with SST (In the USA the EvoX with an SST are referred to as EvoX MR, those EvoX with a manual gearbox are referred to as a GSR)
2008+ Mitsubishi Lancer RalliArt with SST (well yeah, all Ralliarts have an SST)
2008+ Mitsibishi Lancer Sportback  (yes mitsubishi made a hatchback that has the same 2.0L and this SST too)

All the above cars have the same DCT470 SST transmission. Lucky for us, we can run the same latest software revision on all of them, the latest and best revision ever made from Mitsubishi is called B151, and is the basis for this software upgrade, with a few extra goodies.

What do I need?   An Openport 2.0 cable, A Lancer with an SST,  Buy this product (includes flashing software, rom/s, and easy instructions) on this page (1 for each VIN number).   and thats it.  we provide you with all the necessary instructions. and EvoScan Support (aka Hamish) will support you through the process via facebook messenger if you get stuck.

What do I get?
• For Lancer Ralliart Users: If you have a Ralliart you get S-Sport mode builtin just like an EvoX and you get the Ralliart Rev Hunt Fix included which was reported by early Ralliart users of the s-sport mode stock roms.
• BUILDS up to 19PSI+ BOOST ON LAUNCH CONTROL (with the ShiftMods/LC option – even with using the stock rev limiter without spark cut).
• You get a whole bunch of different modified rom files for your SST tcu computer, specific only to your VIN number for your 1 Vehicle, multiple vehicles require this product to be bought again for each VIN number.
• You get video and pdf instructions on how to install the PassThruCAN software and rom files so that you are self-sufficient in flashing your own clutch pressure options for your vehicle.
• You also get an option to purchase the SST tuning guide (with over 20 chapters) to assist with tuning your SST to support high horsepower and aftermarket clutches.
• The SSTmod with the ShiftMods option includes better Upshift and Downshift Shift points, this gives you more chance to accelerate before Auto mode changes gears, it holds gears for just that little bit longer in the rpm range, this allows you to accelerate quicker and smoother without any effort.
• Included in the 15% Clutch Pressure option pack is now -10,-7,-5,-3,0%(original),+3,+5,+7,+8,+9,+10,+11,+12, and +15 % extra clutch pressure CFF files. You can flash between whichever Extra Percent clutch pressures you feel like driving that day, takes just 5 minutes to CFF flash your transmission using an OpenPort 2.0 cable and Free PassthruCAN software before heading out. The ShiftMod upgrade option includes higher rpm rev shift points for Normal mode, higher revs in Sport mode, and even higher revs again in S-Sport mode. includes some pretty awesome rev-matching early downshifts in sport and s-sport too. **Free Upgrade to v3 if you previously bought the ‘shift mods’ v2 upgrade option. ***8% to 12% pack is only available if you purchased Both the 15% option and the ShiftMod option.

Is it safe for my ecu?  Yes it is very safe because we use the factory flashing tools (PassThruCAN), we have not had any incidents of any stuck ecus. even if you really screw it up by pulling the cable or the car stops flashing, its fine, we just flash again and it carries on like normal.

Can I go back to the stock factory tcu sst rom?  Yes, we kept a copy of all stock factory roms for you, so you don’t have to. you can flash back to stock factory tcu rom at any time, on your own or we can assist you. I don’t know of anyone that has gone back to stock rom, because this is so good.

Do I need an engine tune after flashing this?   No, this mod effects the clutches only. If you compare it to a manual transmission – this mod is just like dropping your clutches a bit faster and putting the power to the ground faster. It doesn’t affect nor touch your existing main engine tune, the SST TCU computer is a separate computer to your main engine ecu.

Do you recommend an engine remote e-tune IN GENERAL?  Yes, but not because of this mod, but to get you up and running with things like TephraXModv3 rom, Rax Patch Fast Logging, Spark Cut Patch, SST Engine ECU tables that report torque to the sst transmission. There are plenty of benefits to all of the above.

Do you take on remote e-tuning customers?  no sorry, because we are busy building more great software for the greatest mod platform there is – the 4b11T 🙂  seek out Chet Rickerman, Chag Tuned, or Jeff Evans. Those 3 remote e-tuners would easily between them tune in the hundreds and hundreds of Ralliart/EvoX every year.


The Awesomeness of reflashing into the stock SST transmission is that this increase in clutch pressures is quite far away from your tune. So basically you will get faster gear shifts. Crisper shifts, and less clutch wear. And increased throttle responsiveness when in s-sport mode. No downsides. Basically.

• COMPATIBLE WITH AFTERMARKET CLUTCH PACKS (High 500+HP cars and AfterMarket Clutch Packs use 0% or 7% extra clutch pressure and soften your clutch shifts via our SST tuning guide pdf)

PreRequisites: WINDOWS (any version) + OPENPORT 2.0 CABLE

EvoScan SST TCU MOD ROM Base 7% CFF file available $37 USD (one per each vehicle VIN)

We provide the upgraded cff software files, and we provide the stock software CFF file to go back to stock too.

Emailed Daily at 6PM NZDT, please email us if you haven’t received your SST TCU files within 48 hours.

We are now upgrading everyone to the B151 MOD CFF, including RalliArt SST vehicles. We also include a Ralliart rev hunt fix to all roms.

B001 and B151 are identically the same rom, B151 just has 4 tiny updates (less than 5 bytes of code change), B151 was updated by mitsubishi in 2011 for safety when the brake pedal is depressed the clutches open, so in case the throttle gets stuck down, the clutches will open, so therefore B151 is safer.

• $37 USD For the Modified CFF SST TCU ROM file you can safely flash to your car using PassThruCAN Windows7/10/11 software and an Openport 2.0 cable. one licensed rom per vehicle, two vehicles will need 2x $37. please provide your VIN number in the comments when ordering. You can flash your original CFF file back to the Car if you don’t like the increased clutch pressures.

• additional optional extra $20 for Engine SST Tuning Guide PDF v1.6, this includes all the learnings from the Hundreds of hours of learning during SST dissassembly, Logging internal SST values, and Testing SST TCU modifications over the 9 months since May 2021.

– SST V1 includes TWO MAJOR FEATURES, never before seen on a Stock Factory SST ECU

Activate S-SPORT Super Sport Mode at any vehicle speed at any time when driving, and the mode switch works instantly without delay when switching up and down through the 3 modes.

Perfect for those Unexpected ROLL races, where you need S-Sport mode quickly.


Increased Master SST TCU Clutch Pressure by 7% across all 3 modes: Normal, Sport, S-Sport.


*Higher acceleration m/s2 was noted during the first 2/3rd phase of each quick gear upshift, of course you will have slower acceleration during the last hookup part of a gear shift because this is where the dynamic torque and static torque lock-in occurs and in the acceleration there is not as strong, this is how DCT’s work.


Includes SuperSport Mode and Launch Control for Ralliarts (yes Ralliart’s can run B001 or B151 CFF ROM files as well)

– SST V1 also includes a preview Version of the new EvoScan v3.0 that has built in SST Teach In Calibration for the SST transmission.

The TC-SST factory TCU rom is a Tricore, and dis-assembly was done using github’s Ghidra software by the 3 of us for many months starting in May 2021. Special thanks to Nikolay from RU, Special thanks to Hamish from EvoScan, and Matt from New Zealand, for all the efforts in cracking open the SST TCU greatness and hundreds of hours testing.

DISCLAIMER: It is the responsibility of the owner to regularly change your SST OIL with OEM SSTF-1 or a compatible DCT oil such as Castrol Transmax or Penrite DCT. Limitless Designs Limited will assist you where there are any issues with the software, flashing new firmware or flashing back to stock SST rom. SST MODs are deemed safe because they are still within the parameters of the existing transmission, the clutch pressures increased are still within the confines of the operating limits presented in both the software and the physical sst transmission itself. The research team have reviewed many other studies on DCT transmission software engineering and working parameters. We tested our mods for 9 months using two New Zealand based 2008 JDM EvoX vehicles before releasing the mods, we have already found the variations across models and versions so that it is safe on all EvoX and Ralliart variations. We have researched that the stock clutch seals can hold more than we are increasing and that the software and sst still retains its factory limit of 242 psi (16500 mbar), we have tested that moving to S-Sport whilst driving is also safe, and that it operates no different than if you had manually moved the manual paddle gear change yourself. Anything that happens to your SST could happen with or without the mods. Limitless Designs Limited is only liable for up to the cost of the purchase of the software mod. If you have any questions, please direct them to Hamish Ahern on facebook.

Customer Reviews, and it doesn’t stop here, we get rave reviews all the time…

1 . “Best money ever spent. Going from Sport mode only to supersport then to this is like an entirely new transmission. Best money ever spent.”

2. “Fantastic, I have installed it and tested this morning. it shift’s so quick now in all modes. This was really needed with all the extra torque on e85 great job!”

3. “thanks man, i really like how my car shifts now, im going to put the extra 10% clutch pressure now”

4. “I just installed it today and my car shifts perfect, love this update worth the money”

5. “I tried the car. it’s superb. the gears change really fast and you can really feel the extra pressure on the clutches, I no longer have the problem of gear disengagement at full throttle in launch control.”

6. “I am very impressed. It turned out really good. ”

7. “I installed the EvoScan SST mod, It’s really great. No more gear slipping and it holds the gear a lot stronger. Really appreciate it man thanks”