Tephra Evo7/8/9 v7 Mod ROM

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TephraMod-V7 ROM (version7)  for Evo 7, Evo 8, or Evo 9 factory ecus.

Ralliart Rom 90550001 (90550701 the 7 just means tephra v7). This 90550001(90550701) rom works on any Evo7 or Evo8 ecu.  It is a rally rom, so it has all the immobilizer checks disabled, disables tons of dtc’s(it has to survive rally races without putting your car into limp mode) and this rom can run any Evo7 or Evo8 ecu. and if you put any evo7 or evo8 ecu into another Evo then you can also use this rom to run on any Evo4, Evo5, Evo6/6.5, Evo7, Evo8 car.  (the reason this rom can’t work on an Evo9 is because Evo9 has variable valve intake VVT, so you need run an evo9 rom on evo9, and EvoX has intake VVT and exhaust VVT so you need to run an evo10 rom on evo10.)

other available tephra v7 roms also available.. see the drop down of options when purchasing.  But definitely the 90550701  and the 96260009  are our two most popular Tephra v7 roms.


Flashing CEL on Knock
– slow flash for low knock
– fast flash for high knock
– low and high knock thresholds customisable
– minimum load threshold customisable
– can get it to drop boost if above the High knock threshold

Valet Mode
– customisable RPM limit
– autovalet on fresh ignition (ie if you leave the car and come back it will auto valet, as opposed to returning to the previous state you left the car in)
– NOT able to co-exist with TPS based map switching
– CEL will fast flash on ignition if valet is enabled

Alternate Maps
– 3 methods of switching maps – ADC0F (ie Jack_of_Trades harness OR meth failsafe), Intercooler Auto Switch (ie hold down for prescribed time), TPS switching (ie hold TPS like Valet mode)
– all 3 methods WONT switch TO AltMap when car is above load threshold
– ADC0F switching WILL switch BACK to Normal Maps if voltage drops below threshold – hence meth failsafe

– changed ECU to use new BIGGER MAPS for both Fuel and Timing
– same axis’s for both sets of maps
– altmaps and launch maps included
– does NOT affect other timing maps, ie EGR or ColdStart
– both Fuel AND Timing use the same Load that the Fuel maps would normal use (ie Load_Baro_n_Temp_Compensated), please keep this in mind for high-altitude tuners

2byte to 1byte load factor
– simple divide routine to convert 2byte load into a 1byte field and then Evoscan will convert back to 2byte.
– MATCH you LoadFactor in ECUFLASH to the SAME as your Eval in evoscan
– MaxLoad is loadfactor * 255, ie a loadfactor of 1.2 will allow a Max Loggable Load of 306, 1.3 = 331… etc (choose an appropriate loadfactor based on your existing max load)

No Lift to Shift (NLTS)
– basically set’s a revlimit of whatever your CURRENT RPM is (ie when you shifted) MINUS the RPM Drop you specify in EcuFlash
– Various thresholds ie TPS/Speed/Load so it wont activate by accident
– If you do have problem’s its probably your top clutch switch.
– Always do the garage test (ie set speed to 0, tps to 20, load to 0 and then practice the engangement point whilst idling)

AFR Safety
– REQUIRES WB02 wired upto the rear02
– various thresholds and timers
– will Flash CEL AND/OR Drop boost

Launch Maps
– Allows you to customise your “Launch” igition and fuel maps
– various thresholds so it only activates on Launch
– Should override altmap mode as well

FULL Gear based boost control
– removed existing BDEL and BWGDC tables
– added new 3d tables with gear on the X axis
– allows you to have different boost levels AND wastegate duty cycles for each gear

TPS compensation for WGDC
– Basic multiplication table for WGDC

MAF IAT compensation for WGDC
– Allows you to add or remove WGDC based on intake air temp

100% WGDEC under a certain load
– Keeps BCS from openning wastegate under a certain load (to aid in spool up)

Preconfigured MUT Requests
MUT00+MUT01 = 2byte airflow (ie MrFreds mod in g/s or lb/min)
MUT02+MUT03 = 2byte airflow (ie MAFHz)
MUT40 = 1byte gear
MUT41 = 1byte load
MUT42+MUT43 = 2byte SPEED/RPM ratio (to get your gear ratios correct – if you need to)

2byte load AND 2byte RPM are no longer included, and tephra says they are no longer needed!

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88580714-TephraMod-V7 AUDM Evo 9, 88590715-TephraMod-V7 USDM Evo 9, 90550701-TephraMod-V7 Evo7 90550001, 94170715-TephraMod-V7 USDM Evo 8, 96260709-TephraMod-V7 JDM Evo 8 96260009, 96530706-TephraMod-V7 AUDM Evo 8