Mitsubishi EvoX - ECU Disassembly
It would be really good to do real time tuning with EvoScan GPS Navigator, so that I can see the effects of changing the timing or fuel afr whilst on the race track or directly whilst on the dyno without stopping the car.  So here is some information that might help.. The interesting command is WriteMemoryByAddress... Please log a support ticket if you find a way to write to the RAM of an EvoX ecu, and I'll add it to the EvoScan GPS standalone touchscreen unit.

EvoX Diagnostic Modes

Description Request
StartDiagnosticSession 0x10 0x50
StopDiagnosticSession 0x20 0x60
ReadECUIdentification 0x1A 0x5A
ReadMemoryByAddress 0x23 0x63
WriteMemoryByAddress 0x3D 0x7D
SetDataRates 0x26 0x66
SecurityAccess 0x27 0x67
RequestDownload 0x34 0x74
RequestUpload 0x35 0x75
TransferData 0x36 0x76

StartDiagnosticSession / StopDiagnosticSession
Diagnostic session to be started with StartDiagnosticSession and terminated with StopDiagnosticSession.
StartDiagnosticSession has a DiagnosticMode parameter that determines the diagnostic session type.
Depending on this type, the ECU may or may not support other diagnostic services,
or operate in a restricted mode where not all ECU functions are available.

Executes the SecurityAccess service to retrieve a seed from the ECU.
Executes the SecurityAccess service to send a key to the ECU.

RequestDownload / RequestUpload
The Upload/Download functional unit services are highly manufacturer specific.

Other Info:
The Positive Response Message has an echo of the ServiceId with bit 6 set as first byte
You can invoke an ECU internal routine identified by a Local/CommonIdentifier or a memory address.
You can modify internal or external ECU signals. One example is redirecting ECU sensor inputs to simulated signals.

EvoX ECU Disassemblies:

Description File Author ROM Binary EcuFlash XML Date Updated
2010 EvoX ECU Disassembly 55570005_10_EVO_X_USDM.i64 acamus 55570005.hex 55570005.xml 30 Oct 2009


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