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Q: Can't get EvoScan and EcuFlash working with the Limitless.co.nz USB Cable.
A: I did un-install and re-install with the EvoScan 2.5 ftdi drivers on my laptop #2, and both EvoScan and EcuFlash are now working!  But with my laptop #1, i didn't do a single thing, except that I did drive my car for half day right before doing it.  So, I think the real trick...is due to the voltage in the battery.  In my conclusion, check and make sure your battery is good and above 12.5v before logging a support call.

Q: When I am logging at Wide Open Throttle, the logging file cuts out. What is causing this?
A: Most likely you have hard drive protection enabled i.e hard drive stops spinning due to g-force. there is now a 30 second buffer in evoscan v2.7 which helps a lot with this.


Q: Does Openport 2.0 work with ACD?
A: Not currently tested, but we are working on it.

Q: Does AYC logging work in v2.5?

A: There is reports of AYC not working for Evo7/8/9 (only working for EVO4/5/6 with Op1.3U w/ no pin9 cables)

Q: Does AYC logging work in v2.6?

A:  There is reports of the AYC logging not working at all in v2.6, hopefully will be fixed in v2.7


Q: Where can I download .net Framework 1.1 and 2.0?

Q: Where can I download previous versions of EvoScan?



Q: MUT over OBDII is not longer working in v2.6?

A: There is reports of this not working, yes this is now fixed in v2.7

Q: My AEM wideband (WDB) logging freezes on the same value after 4 or 5 seconds? 
A: There is reports of AEM logging freezing in v2.6,  I currently own an AEM and have fixed the issue in v2.7 and it runs silky smooth now, let me know if you any further issues.



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