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EvoScan - Wideband Review

What is a wideband?

Wideband is shorthand for "Wideband Oxygen(o2) Sensor" and is a heated sensor that goes in the exhaust pipe after the flexi join, or in the tail pipe"

Wideband measures Air to Fuel ratio (AFR). i.e 14.7:1 normally just referred to as 14.7 AFR
(in the background there is a Lambda value that the wideband sensors measure and is a direct calculateon to AFR based off what gasoline

If I want my car to go better and faster, why do I need a wideband?
(more information coming soon)

EvoScan Wideband Sensors Review

Overview Best Models of widebands recommended:

Company Model Name Cost Pros/Cons EvoScan GPSNav (InCar touchscreen) data connection? EvoScan for Windows PC data connection by Serial COM Port? EvoScan for Windows PC data connection by USB?

Best Value for money for monitoring
Air Fuel Ratios via LaptopPC
or GPSNav touchscreen.  If you
want a gauge and log other
external sensors, then consider
the other two products below.

Occasionally losses internal
memory for fuel multiplier value.

Yes* Yes Yes*

Best value for money if you are connecting EGT and Boost sensors also.

Voted favourite by Hamish (Evoscan)

Voted favourite by SiC (Experienced Japan Evo Tuner)
Yes* Yes Yes*
AEM UEGO Best Value for money if you are using the Pillar Gauge or using the direct AEM wideband.

Comes with a cool looking Dashboard/Pillar Gauge.

Voted coolest Pillar Gauge by Hamish (EvoScan)
Yes* Yes Yes*

*1 - Yes using adapter cable: rs232 Serial to USB EvoScan FTDI cable and a small 2 or 4 port USB hub.
Tutorial: http://www.evoxforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31168

*2* - Yes using adapter cable: rs232 Serial to USB EvoScan FTDI cable
FTDI Serial(RS232/COM) to USB Adapter Cable

UPDATE 21 August 2011: Evoscan v2.9 supports latest AEM models:


How to Log AFR LC1 Without a Serial cable:
It is fairly easy task. But first of all you should make sure the analog output from your WBO2 is linear. Otherwise it is not that easy.

Assuming it is linear and gives 0-5V output, you can create your own formula like the one quoted in your post very easily. Instead of "10.0" it should include lowest AFR value your WBO2 can read (AFR, not voltage) and instead of "0.03137" it should include (maxAFR-minAFR)/255.

For example, if your WBO2 can give AFRs from 10.5 to 20.5 as a linear voltages in a range of 0-5V the evaluation formula should be 0.039216*x+10.5.

Things get a lit bit more complicated if range is different from 0-5V and much more complicated (dunno if solveable) is the function is non linear. Hope it is not the case with your WBO2.

How to Log AFR LC1 Without a Serial cable:

How to log your AEM EUGO with EvoScan


AEM wiring manual guide:

Logging wideband via ECU and openport




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