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Everything in the altmaps section is copied to RAM. You don't have to do anything for that to happen. Any table that is in the alt maps space and has it's table pointer set to the RAM location is ran from and tuned from RAM.

The realtime changes you are making are just to the RAM maps, just as in DSMLink, for example. The changes will be permanent in RAM for as long as you keep battery power to the ECU. If you want it permanently flashed to your ROM, then you copy your tuned RAM tables into the ROM tables and flash. So basically, you can tune a million times until you are happy, then flash once. Or just run from you RAM maps and never disconnect your battery.

ROM2RAM: copies the 2k data block from a ecuflash hex file (ALT MAP Space) to the ram... i generally use it to copy the whole contents across. ok i have two files... one is the main flash file it has changes made to it that change non alt map stuff... like say idle settings, rev limit. which i call base rom.... then the changes i made to the alt maps i copy to secondry roms.... this way i have a copy of all the major steps.... no once i am happy with a current tune or change some table that is not in rom i create a new base rom. then just change the alt maps on secondry roms


DEAD: on some ecus usually pre Evo9, ecuflash does not clear all ram contents. this can sometimes mean that the code does not know that new ROM maps have been written that might be different than whats in the ram... clicking on DEAD will reset and cause the ECU to copy rom tables to RAM.
again a problem in my car... where because the logging mut table was in ram, after a reflash the car wont start as its got gibberish for timing and fuel tables as well as the ram mut table would be gibberish and hence livemap wont start. clicking the DEAD button would cause the ecu to reload data.

so u got the livemap non sd version of 9653. as long as the car ignition is on ON. it will work...

Evo Live Map-v7final-bigmap






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