Extension Cable Right Angle 1.8m

$28 USD

Right angled slimline vehicle plug at the end of a 1.8 meter extension cable for CAN or OBD2 cables and is compatible with all EvoScan Openport 1.3 cables and Tactrix Openport 2.0 usb cables.

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The openport 2.0 adapter hits your accelerator foot when driving, easily damaging your expensive OpenPort 2.0 cable, so using a right angle slim line plug at the driver plug end, and running it to the openport 2.0 behind the dash or under your seat, will save any damage to your cables and plugs.

Compatible with All our EvoScan 16pin USB Cables: SSMII / 1.3D / 1.3R / 1.3U /OpenPort 2.0

Discounts apply when purchased with any Cable product. See each cable product page for dropdown addons and discounts. Full 16pin to 16pin wired up.

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